SVEN is an app to help your collective

Communicate, organize and simplify your lives together. Join us as a beta user and make the app perfect for you!

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Things that SVEN can help you agree on:

Do we all clean together or do we take a week each?

Things that SVEN can help you agree on:

What are the things we share and buy together?

Things that SVEN can help you agree on:

What’s yours, what’s mine, what’s ours?

In the meantime, here are some tips of what you can ask your roommates:

What does clean mean to you?

How do we feel about partying on weekends?

We clean stuff on the sink, who cleans the sink?

How long are visitors allowed to stay?

When does the "night shift" begin?

How do we make sure we can all use the bathroom in the morning?

What do we do when someone breaks the rules?

Download some questions

And use them to talk to your roommates

What is #BetterColiving?

BetterColiving is an IKEA AS project to help you while living with others. The SVEN app is the first product developed under this ambition. Through this project, IKEA aims at helping you not only through physical products, but through experiences, services and digital products.

SVEN is still in its testing phase, and we would love you to give us your feedback, and help us develop the product further!

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